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Cutrignelli Fattoria is a family farm and apiary located in San Martin, California. Its founder, Sara Cutrignelli, has been a beekeeper since 2016. Sara started with 2 hives and has grown her apiary to over 18 populated hives and continues to increase their numbers every year. Sara is also a Certified Master Beekeeper through the California Master Beekeeper Program, which is headed by the E. L. Nino Laboratory in the University of Davis. She is a member and Co-Chair of the Education Outreach for the Gilroy Beekeepers Association, a mentor to other beekeepers, as well as the project leader for the San Martin 4-H's Beekeeping Project. 4-H is a national youth organization that empowers children and teens through the process known as "learning by doing." Sara's project has youth as young as 4½ and as old as 17 learning about bees and working hands on with the hives to take care of them and eventually collect their own honey. Sara often volunteers at county fairs, elementary and high schools, and other organizations to inform the public about the significance and necessity of the honeybee, as well as their wonderful products.

The goals for Cutrignelli Apiaries is to help save the bees, educate the public about their importance, the process of beekeeping, as well as selling the products of the hives of which Cutrignelli Fattoria produces. Cutrignelli Fattoria Apiaries would love to share the significance of the honeybee with you She also loves to mentor other beekeepers.

Services: Beekeeping, Honey, Mentoring, Educational Outreach, Swarm Removal

Recent education and outreach:
Back to the Classroom at Barrett Elementary
4-H Meeting In San Martin

Current locations to find our honey: Osteria Al Mare (32 Cannery Row, Monterey), Maurizio's (25 E. First Street, Morgan Hill) Johnson Garden Center (520 Tennant Ave, Morgan Hill) and Quail and Olive Store (14 Del Fino Place in Carmel Valley).

Address: Cutrignelli Fattoria, San Martin, CA 95046

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